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Good morning Glasgow!

Still feeling just the tiniest wee bit jet slagged.  Been home  for two days and still just a little bit woozy.  Of course that'll be nothing to do with last night's bottle of red wine during the final of American Idol.  Congrat's to Phillip but it SO should have been Jessica.  That voice!  WOW!!!!

Anyway - let's get back to today.  The Mercury's vertiginous ascent continues apace.  Come on now; sunscreen, everyone. You KNOW it makes sense. Everything in moderation and all that...
Enjoy the weather. Glasgow at its finest, huh? Yup, blue skies, a gentle breeze and a friendly buzz. Aye, bring on the funshine - it's GREAT being home!

Cheers me dears,

Colin and Justin xx


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