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Sore heads this morning...

Howdie - trust all's well with our cyber coterie this fine morning. We're just surfacing after a VERY late night. As part of the judging panel of Miss Canada Universe, we helped preside over a stellar gathering of beautiful girls. But we're not done yet - it's a three day gig and the judging continues this afternoon when we'll be 'speed date' interviewing 60 plus girls about their glamorous lives. After last nights show we were interviewd by CNN, City TV and ET Canada and we enthusisatically raved about the girls and the frocks. Then we scuttled off to Pravda for a few wee drinklettes and a little partying. Hence the sair nappers this morning. Off for a run to rebalance. 

Now where are those Tylenol? Ouch...

Colin and Justin xx


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