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Dairy Milk chocolate

Tearing our condo apart looking for that last British bar of Dairy Milk which we brought with us as a treat for this trip. Okay, it was part of a box of 24 bars... 23 of which have already gone down the little red lane. When you get a ya you get a ya, huh?

But come on; it's not like we don't deserve a treat.  We had a really busy day yesterday filming a couple of design segments for Cityline and we've worked ALL day today on newspaper stories and columns, only slowing down to watch The Voice.  Meanwhile; CHRISTINA.  We're major fans and the girl can sing, but... what?  Hello?  What was she wearing this evening? A studded nappy?  What?  Think we're still in shock.

Anyway - we've got another packed day tomorrow.  An eleven o clock meeting at our condo and then off on business for a look around some of Toronto's chicest home ware stores.  After this, our 1968 Mercedes 280 has to be carefully driven from its cosy winter storage, all the way to Doctor Paul, the lovely man who, every year, prepares our beloved buggy for the new season.  Can't wait to drive our gleaming white baby once again!

For now, though, we gotta go; cupboards to tear apart.  Dairy Milk to find... Nom nom nom.

Guilty calorie infused hugs,

Colin and Justin xx


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