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Titanic II

So last night we watched Titanic II. T'was a VERY bad decision. What an utterly butterly heap of total (less than ocean going) rubbish. Never, in all our years of being MAJOR Titanic 'watchers', had we even heard of this, ahem, 'movie'. And, just for the record, we use the word 'movie' very lightly. An absolute affront to the memory of the souls lost on such a beautiful - yet tragic - ship, ...the film is a total turkey. And, as for the stock shots of 'interiors' (which appeared to be taken from regular 'all you can eat' cruise liners, and not even the most glamorous ones) we can only say; WHY? Why make the film in the first place and why were we crazy enough to watch it? Hell mend us; 92 minutes of our lives which we shall never get back. 

 But anyway, the cinematic debacle made us think. Which is YOUR favourite movie, and which your LEAST favourite picture? We're just curious. Let us know? Cheers, C and J xx


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