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What a gorgeous family time near Inverness with family.

Happy Easter!

Up with Mum, Colette, Elliot and Lucy for a languid holiday get together.  Colin has stayed in Glasgow as he has a heap of work to get through and Alan (my sis' Colette's hubby) has stayed in Edinburgh with my nephew Oliver - to look after the cats and the chickens - so we're spread out all over the place, but it's all good.

Mum took us to a lovely country house today for Easter lunch and we had a brilliant time.  Great food, surroundings and lovely familial chat.  As we said; lucky peeps.  We had SUCH a good time.

Dinner tonight found us all spread around the dinner table at Mum's enjoying all manner of gossip and a slice or two of a deelish Red Velvet cake made by Elliot and Lucy. It was bloody gorgeous although we still haven't been able to master the challenge of making the cake red! Lucy is phobic about beetroot so they couldn't use any of those bulbous roots as a red tempting feature...   As I said, though, gorgeous cake albeit minus the holy grail red colour scale.

Tomorrow I'm off back to Glasgow.  Really looking forward to seeing Colin.  I can do a couple of days without him but then I start to get a wee bit cranky.  Just being honest!

Hope all you guys had a great easter.  Chocoolate?  Eggs? 

Take it easy; everything in moderation,

More later,

Justin xx 


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