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We are naughty boys!

Sorry for much quieter service of late.  We've been deluged with work over the last week or so, and organising a whole load of things that had to be done.  But at last; the pressure is off a wee while.  For now at least!

So we're back to full service - on here and on twitter and facebook.  We've missed y'all!

We flew home to Glasgow from Toronto last night and have snoozed for most of the day though we managed to interject our lazy time with the UK broadcast of American Idol (fab!) and Materchef.  Having taken part in Celebrity Masterchef we feel their pain.  And yes; before anyone says it; the current batch of peeps can cook!  Mind you - so can we but the Materchef kitchen adds a lot of pressure.  Pan handles at dawn!  Blimey; it brought back so many recollections...

Gonna have an early night tonight; we feel like the walking dead.  Just downed a wee glass of bubbly to celebrate two and a half weeks in Scotland so that should aid restful slumbers.  It feels great being home.  Our ideal situation is to split our time between Toronto and the UK.  That's certainly the plan so we'll see how it pans out.

Anyway; we're off to arrange some cucumber slices across tired eyes.  More later, when we're a little more revived.


C and J xx


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