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London Home and Lifestyle Show

We just have to take a moment to thank the awesome crowd who turned up, on a cold snowy day, to see our performances at The London Home and Lifestyle show. We never take it for granted that folk make such an effort to visit our events, but, to see our sell out theatres thronging was, well, humbling to say the very least. Thanks so much to everyone who came along. Seems Londoners are a crazy, friendly bunch!

We're home now, in Toronto, having been driven around all day in a HUGE white stretch limo.  Really good fun though it  felt like we were filming Sex In The City!  From now on we want this type of car service all the time - lol!

Gonna throw ourselves under a shower and then we're heading out for Cheryl's Torrenueva's birthday party.  Blimey; we need to look after our livers tonight - we've been making a great effort to dodge the vino for ages and we don't want to fall off the wagon.  Mind you it is Cheryl's birthday...

Trust all is well with you guys and that, wherever you are, you're wrapped up against the elements.  Hells bells it's chilly!

Cheers for now,

Colin and Justin xx


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