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Golden Globes

Golden Globes - are we, at our great age and weight, becoming prudes? For us, film award ceremonies are (or were) the stuff of smoky reverence; the sequins, the gowns, the 40's glamour... Yes, we know it's 2012 and we appreciate times have changed, but we can't help thinking that many of the film stars from a bygone era would be turning in their graves at some of last night's antics. Having through the ceremony on PVR, after getting in last night, we originally thought that Ricky Gervais had been quite funny. However, upon watching the gala properly this morning, we felt more than a little let down. The reference to Jodie Foster was, IOHO, a little base, and although she didn't look too concerned, we know that Ricky could have been emminently more clever. As we said, maybe we're becoming prudes? We're not averse to a little double entendre ourselves, but isn't there a time and a place? Hey ho. In short; Ricky is better able to deliver comedy - Extras? The Office? Both wonderful shows - than he demonstrated last night. Sorry - just had to get that off our chests!
Colin and Justin xx


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