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Chilly times in Toronto

It's 6.45pm on a clear dark evening and we've just returned home from a treck around the downtown core.  Our cold red faces are chapped and chilled and our ears feel like they might break off at the merest touch.  Even after fiive glorious years dashing in and out of this city... nothing prepares us - and everything surprises us - when one of its core numbing days arrives.  

As we embarked upon our icy adventure earlier this afternoon, wrapped up in ear muffs, hats and scarves like walking branch of Roots, we thought we were sufficiently prepared for the onslaught of Toronto's icy fingers.  Fingers, it should be noted, that send relentless chills up our spines.  Had we hauled a 20 Tog duvet from our closet and warpped it around our wee Scottish bodies, we still don't think we'd have felt sufficiently warm.  But hey; there was certain fun to the slippery footed drama, and, thanks to Path (the under ground lanes and malls that help Torontonians navigate the city on Arctic days) we made it home in one piece.

Blimey - our vacay in LA seems so long ago.  There, the weather was unusually warm (a balmy 80 degrees most days) and we spent most of the time, poolside, remarking upon how relaxed we felt.  We say 'most of the time' because we also spent a load of time in restaurants such as Soho House where we ran into Alexander Skarsgad from vamp drama True Blood.  Did we mention that he's nearly seven feet tall?   And that we felt teeny by his side? Lol!

Tonight, when we've suitably de iced, we're heading out with some pals for a Ruby Murray, our first in Toronto in five years.  As big fans we don't quite know how we've managed to resist the spicy thrill for so long!  Hey, in Glasgow, we have a Ruby at least once or twice a week.  Note to selves; try not to pig out, thereby ruining all our good dieting successes...

Anyway; gotta dash.  Time for a shower.  We trust this finds you well, hale and hearty.  Wrap up warm, wherever you are, and have a great weekend.  We'll report back soon...


Colin and Justin, two very chilly Scotsmen xx


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