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Good morning from LA!

Hope you guys are all well, hale and hearty and that you're settling into the loving arms of 2012.  We've been in California for eight days now and we're having THE best time.  It's SUCH an invigorating place and the weather has been, well, an unexpected treat; normally it's around 18 degrees at this time of year but it's been unseasonably high at around 28 degrees every day.  NOT that we're grumbling; we love to get a little colur on our peely wally Scottish skins, with ample SPF, of course! 

We're staying with friends in a beautiful ranch bungalow perched high in the LA hills, where we're enjoying a breathtaking panormaic view that floats down majestically to the swirling ocean.  Every morning, toes dangling in the infinity pool, we start our day with fresh brewed coffee and we count our lucky stars to be here, courtesy of our great friends Cherri and David.  Normally, when we go on holiday, we go it alone but this group vacay has been a fun change to our regular pattern and we've loved every minute.  The chatting, the laughing, the eating, the rag top car, the fresh air - it's all been SO much fun!

There's something so liberating about starting the day early; each morning we've been up before eight am, we guess because doing so stretches the day and adds to the fun.  Tomorrow is our last day in this sunny metropolis but were trying not to think about that too much.  Mind you, it's always lovely to get home (and we're looking forward to seeing Toronto) even though it's about minus ten over there as we write.   But that's tomorrow; today we're all about, well, TODAY!

New Year was fun; we went to a great restaurant called Boa and joined in with some pals of Cherri and David to celebrate the outgoing - and the incoming - year.  Boa is a massive, star studded environment and the food was good and the company even better.  Californians certainly know how to celebrate!  The buzz in the room was electrifying and, as the bells sounded the dawning of a brand new calendar, the crowd - and we - went insane.  We had decided to wear kilts for the party and they seemed to go down really well.  Some very naughty girls and boys in this city made it their life's work to see if we were trued Scotsmen.  So!  What's actually worn under a Colin and Justin kilt?  Well let's just say NOTHING'S worn, it's all in perfect working order.  Yay!

During our time here we also met up with an old artist friend called Roderick.  It's been years since we saw him last as he lives out here now.  Married to a gorgeous girl called Danielle, he's settled into America and making small, independant films.  And of course still painting.  It was really good fun to catch up after so long.  We hope to see him again soon...

We've been to Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Venice and all the time we've been meeting up with a great bunch of interesting people.  It's fascinating to watch this glossy world rotate and, having been twice now in as many months, we're determined to come back again as soon as posssible in 2012.  With such a mixed housing stock and some really interesting prices, we're even thinking about buying a 'flipper' and getting up to our old tricks.  As we've always said; where there are bricks there is brass'.  Watch this space!

Yesterday was a particularly fun day; we started the afternoon with lunch in a great Santa Monica restaurant called Shutters and enjoyed a languid walk on the beach therefater.  Later in the day, invited onto the Paramount film lot, we were shown around the set of all manner of TV shows such as Glee.  That's the stuff of nose bleeds for us - as big fans of the show we loved every minute of our little tour.  We also watched as a New York cop drama was shot against a wonderfully realistic Manhattan backdrop...complete with snow and all sorts of dramatic effects.  It was fascinating to watch the actors and the hardworking crew bring their story to life.; we'll make a point of watching the moment when it makes it to air... knowing we were hiding in the shadows as the action took place! 

Guess it's the energy that really captivates in LA.  The dramatic scenery of this enclave is breathtaking with life and beautiful architectural homes secreted everywhere in the craggy hills.  Stunning homes abounds, as do fast cars and beautiful people; hey; the city is alive morning, noon and night.  And they say New York never sleeps...

So!  Our last day unfolds.  Though, if you don't mind, we're not going to talk about that for now.  For now.... we have today to get on with.  And for that we are grateful.  

Sorry again for the break in service on our website.  Having scanned our statistics we've actually had some of our highest traffic over the last week and we can only imagine that's because we've been absent.  You lovely people have been checking in to see what we've been upto, and coming back even more regularly to see when we finally get off our lazy Scottish bottoms to put virtual pen to virtual paper!

Cheers for your ongoing support and thanks also to those of you who have been buying our candles.  They're going like hotcakes!  We SO appreciate your support and the way in which you've been recommending our new venture to you friends.  Thank you!

In the meantime, take care and we'll report more soon.  There is sun tan lotion to be applied and swimming to be done...


Colin and Justin, aka California Boyz  xxx



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