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Oh no! Our second last day in Grand Cayman!

Grand Cayman has both taken our breath away AND given us our breath back.  We SO needed this break to re charge our batteries but we've crammed so much into twelve days that we're refreshed... yet high as kites.  In a fabulously recharged type of way, of course.  It's hard not to be spellbound by a world as beautiful and fun filled as GC.

Our Sunday sail on the Ugland's beautiful 100 feet vessel was beyond amazing.  Our hosts are amongst the loveliest people we've ever had the pleasure to meet and they had put together a dozen or so disparate guests for a friendly networking session as we sailed the seas.   Moored off Star Fish Point (you have to see the beautiful silver sand to believe it; it's so pure and soft) we enjoyed a wonderful Surf and Turf lunch as the Champagne flowed. 

As up tempo music blasted - and a wonderful crew tended to our every need - we felt utterly lost in paradise.  A mixture of Swedish, Canadian, French Canadian, British and American guests came together in real party spirit against a backdrop of azure blue waters and cloudless blue skies.  It was hard NOT to feel totally spoiled and, as such, we'll remember this fun filled day for a long, long time... 

With lunch finished we jumped into smaller boats and headed to the shallower waters of Rum Point where 'Church' takes place.  'Church', incidently, is the fun name the Uggland's have given to the party that takes place every Sunday as the sunny vibe rolls ever forward.  The whole experience was like a water world of high spirits - it really blew us away. As a friendly international mix of revellers and locals danced in the water, the sun bore down on the collective and we gave thanks for our inclusion.  Having visited Sting Ray City we were unfazed by the large inky black fish that swam amongst us.  Hells bells we could get VERY used to this! Thank you Mr and Mrs Ugland; your hospitality was extra ordinary and we hope to repay your kindness whenever you travel to any of our cities.

As our fascinating trip rolls relentlessly forward we've gone out every evening yet we've made a point of heading back to The Ritz before midnight each time.  Aye, we decided at the outset, NOT to burn the candle at both ends.  Gotta take care of ourselves, you know! 

Yesterday we toured the island in our four wheel and then headed to George Town to soak up a bit of the cruise ship buzz.  Three massive liners had just bearthed off the coast and legions of American, Canadian and British visitors were thronging the quaint stores and cafe's, all looking for souvenirs of their short jaunt onto land.  Having visited George Town last week, when there were no ships in port, the feel was very different.  Last week it was quiet and serene, whereas yesterday it was absolutely mobbed with expectant voyagers, keen to throw themselves at their holiday vibe.

Last night, invited by a friendly Swedish couple called Michaela and Jan (who we met on The Uggland's cruise) we headed to Morgan's Harbour for dinner.  Their son Eric (who's just returned from boarding school in England) joined us, as did an eclectic group of their friends, some from France and Geneva and others from Britain.  A mix of Police Commissioners, financiers, lawyers and dentists they were a superb group of people.   Blimey; Cayman is like The UN of The Caribbean!  Guess that's what we like about the island; it's all in 'the mix'. Sitting at a massive gnarled wood table the warm wind whipped around us as the conversation turned from friendly chatter to high pitched laughter and hysteria.  When a group 'gels' it reallly can be amazing and we all had a fun evening.   Again, home to The Ritz for midnight, we watched the second half of The Firm (the Tom Cruise movie that was set on Grand Cayman) and then headed to the land of nod to rebuild our strength for the day ahead...

And today?  Well today we're heading to the beach with sunbathing on our minds.  We're always really careful and use high factor protection but we're still hoping to return to Toronto with at least something approaching a spot of 'bronzage'.

Tonight we're heading out for dinner with our new girlfriend, Cayman writer, host and socialite Ms Vicki Wheaton.  Having attended her high impact karaoke last week we know just how entertaining this gal can be. We imagine there will be wine involved...

For now, pre beach, it's breakfast time.  Mango, Papaya and Melon await as does a massive pot of fresh coffee to jump start our day. 

Sending you sunny vibes and warmest Cayman wishes.  Do we REALLY have to leave tomorrow???

C et J xx


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