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More Grand Cayman

Good morning one and all.  It's 8 am in beautiful Grand Cayman and another day is languidly welcoming us into it warm sunny arms...

And take it from us; we need a gentle wake up!  A Cayman sing song, last night, at local bar Fidelma O Leary's, has rendered us croaky voiced. Ouch. Mind you, we met a stellar bunch of folk (many of whom are Scottish and Irish) as we took to the microphone in the Gallic themed - and filled - bar and battled out Stray Cat Struts and Don McLean songs.   All respect to host for the evening, Ms Vicki Wheaton!  All good... 

Anyway, we're up early to work on newspaper columns and the like, then we're off with the lovely Mr and Mrs Ugland (owners of The Cayman Motor Museum) for a cruise to Rum Point.  The Ugland's own a 100 feet luxury yacht so it promises to be a luxurious experience.  And you know us; we find the lure of a little glamour utterly irresistible...

Aye, we're really looking forward to what promises to be a great afternoon, especially after the fun we had yesterday, pre vocal stretch and beer marathon.  Flying with Island Air we went for a sensational chopper ride. Whirled through the air by a fantastc French pilot we enjoyed Cayman from a whole new persective. Our gifted joystick master flew us out to the sandbanks to look at the Sting Rays and then hovered over the site of a massive sunken ship where we could see an under water army of divers examining the wreck.  Our pilot's flight skills are something else, and, as he turned a regular flight into a knuckle clenching extravaganza, there was more than a little screaming. 

We'll post more about our escape to Cayman paradise later... In the meantime, we hope this finds you all well, hale nd hearty. Have a fab' weekend, C and J xx


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