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Miracle soup recipe by our good friend Cherri who has achieved STAGGERING results with this potage potion!!

Vegetable broth (low sodium or salt free and preferably organic) and, depending on how big of a pot, use 4 to 5 tetrapaks of broth.

Bring the broth to a low boil and start adding veggies, most of which should be sautéed first.

Saute with a little cooking spray (i.e Pam) in a non-stick pan.  If the pan starts getting dry, use a little bit of the broth but after the veggies have started to carmelize; that’s when the flavor comes through

While the veggies are cooking, add whichever spices you enjoy best (Cherri use lots of different varieties - but only the salt free ones).  Blue Menu has lots - garlic and lemon  and sundried tomato etc - and she also adds a dollop of Frank’s hot sauce to the mix to give a bit of a kick.

Leeks chopped

Red peppers

Red onions or Vidalia diced

 Zucchini (remove seeds)

Diced carrots

Cauliflower cut up (these can be added directly to the boiling broth without sautéing)

Chopped kale

One whole head of savoy cabbage shredded (don’t use purple cabbage as it turns the soup an odd pale grayish purple)

Chopped spinach (try rozen chopped spinach; it's much easier and less messy)

One large butternut squash diced (add directly to the broth)

A few parsnips

One large bag of frozen green beans cut - these should be added after all the other veggies are in and pretty well cooked

Frozen peas

Fresh chopped parsley (dill and or cilantro also if desired) add this after all the veggies have been added and the soup is done. Simmer for a couple of hours to allow the flavors of the spices and the veggies to mature


If you like a more watery soup, add more stock to taste but it's better thick with lots of chunks of veggies; it feels heartier that way.

 If you like a thicker stock, add a can of pumpkin puree - it’s good for you, tasty and low in fat.

TIP - split the soup into two batches and add diced tomatoes (either fresh or a couple tins of no salt added diced tomatoes) to one batch.  This way you'll have two varieties to avoid boredom setting in


For a little protein, Cherri might add a handfull of lentils and/or navy beans.  Also try adding a couple of ounces of cooked chicken to keep everything balanced!



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