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Great few days in London

London is always a whirlwind for us.  When we're here we cram in so much to a short time that we always feel like we're bionic men. 

We had a fascinating time working with the Electricity Safety Council and, during a 'radio day' (where we hooked up with all the regional shows) we learned so much about stopping accidents in the home that are related to poor wiring and electric shock.  We'd urge all you guys to download the FREE home safety app which will highlight electrical safety concerns in your home.  Simply visit the app store and downlaod the app at no cost.

We also worked for ITV's Daybreak for two consecutive days and chatted jungle stories and news paper reviews.  The team at Datybreak made it an absolute pleasure.  And we guested on Ch 5's OK TV! show to gossip about this years jungle intake.  Looks like Mark will win!

Had lunch yesterday at The Bluebird Cafe on Kings Road and last night we went for dinner to Cote in Soho.  It was a group celebration for our pal Maureen's 50th birthday and we alll had a fab time AND we managed to stay sober!  This 'one or two glasses per night' thing is working a treat!  Everything in moderation, n'est pas!?

Today we're having a lazy floppy morning in our wee Chelsea pied a terre and later this afternoon we're jumping a flight back to beautiful Glasgow.  It'll be great to get back to Scotland for a bit before we jet back to Toronto on Thursday.  Hells bells we never seem to stop.  But hey; that's just how we like it!

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty.  Cheers for now,

Colin and Justin xx



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