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It\'s question and answer time at C&J Towers! Agony Uncles time!


- My man hates me spending money on clothes and shoes ­ but I¹m a girl! How can I make him se these things are important?




We’re great believers in sharing ALL of life’s little pleasures with each other, so when we go shopping we both go and we both have a great day out. Sure, we’re guys, but we’re stylish guys (!) and each of us respects the other’s need to cut a dash. Plus we like looking good for each other. Your fella needs to recognise that you being you means looking fabulous as a bi product. Take him to some of the least fabulous stores you know and show him just how dodgy some of those tacky frocks, shoes and bags actually are. In an ideal world he’ll wince at those tacky fashions and grumble far less next time you invest in something gorgeous. Result!

Question - My boyfriend thinks footballers are like gods, even the ones who sleep with footballers. So do a lot of his friends. What¹s that all about?



Answer -

For many guys, footballers are seen as saintly; it’s just the way boys are. They’re socially programmed to idolise the type of men they’d love to be. And ‘cos sporting hero’s are in the press (often for all the wrong reasons) it kind of - in their eyes, anyway - legitimises the headline grabbing bad behaviour like bed hopping and excessive partying. Then there’s the income, the cars, the houses and the beautiful WAGS. Don’t be scunnered by the way he is; rather get on board the love train and enjoy the spectacle! Give him a calendar featuring his favourite soccer heroes and, as he gets off on pedigree and league ranking… you can get off on all those shapely thighs and tight butts! And the problem was, ahem, what?

Question - My man drinks too much beer. He says a pint after work relaxes him but I think he¹s heading for a beer belly ­ or worse a drink problem. How can I lure him away without nagging?




Too much beer - especially without exercise - makes for a bloaty bloke. End of. A pint here and there isn’t a bad thing and in fact our motto has always been ‘A day without shandy is like a day without sunshine‘! But that’s ‘cos we enjoy reward and moderation. And what’s up with his job that he needs alcohol to escape? Okay, that may sound dramatic, but (unchecked) indulgence can breed serious habit. Meet him after work and try other pursuits like cinema, drives in the car or a good old fashioned smootch - anything to keep him away from his local. As a last resort, show him pic’s of hot celeb’s that have gone to seed and use these images as a warning. Talk it all through, but keep it light. You don’t, after all, want to give more things to worry about.

Question - Why do men think that women are nagging just because they ask them to do something. It really riles me and is the main cause of my husband and my arguments! Why can¹t they just do things when asked?!


- Find me a man who doesn’t like to be in control and we’ll find you a fibber. Men hate being bossed around even if their partners intentions are good. The best way to avoid the ‘nagging dragging’ is to coax your husband into making more suggestions so you can pick and choose from all the things HE suggests. Doing this (in a roundabout way!) means you’re actually in charge and making all the decisions. But he won’t realise it. Boys don’t like to think they’re being bossed about so find subtle ways like this so you can get what you need without freaking him out!

Question - Mean or keen? Whenever I like a guy, I play it really cool and friends say that¹s why I don¹t get anywhere with them! Do men actually like keenness not meanness?


Answer -

Oh blimey - one mans meat is another mans poison. Personally we enjoy people’s enthusiasm whatever the context, but we reckon the best bet is to find middle ground. Being overly gushy may scare some dudes off, yet being overly cool will have the same effect for others. So perhaps don’t blank ALL his calls. Answer at least SOME of his texts and accept ALL his gifts… with a coquettish smile. Let him spoil you (just think of the pressies) and spoil him too. Relationships, after all, are a two way thing, so give him a chance before giving him the cold shoulder. Just think of all the nice guys who got away just cos you fancied playing out a ‘hard to get’ role. It’s real life, hon’, so drop the act and start having fun!


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