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Scottish Style Awards

Jet lagged and somewhat bruised by five time zones in eight days... we STILL managed to get ourselves up and ready to party.  Are you crazy?  Would we miss a top night out in our native city?  Congratulations to Mary Mcgowne and her team for putting together another wonderful event.  Set against the backdrop of The Kelvingrove Art Galleries in Glasgow, the evening was arranged to honour those who have helped raise the Scottish flag across various media, fashion and showbiz' arena's.  Congratulations to all the lucky recipients.

The glitzy after show party was at The Corinthian, a venue in which we recently filmed an interior design segment for an STV show.  It's a wonderfully ornate and stunning building and every floor thronged with revellers. It was actually really great fun to catch up with a host of old friends.  We behaved moderately well and limited our alcohol intake - it's the new us dontchaknow!  Even though our lips were sealed against too much Moet et Chandon (the event sponsors), a really good evening was still had by all.  Mind you we didn't get to bed until nearly 4am...

Today, after a long sleep in, we threw ourselves from our Ralph Lauren bedding and set sail into a work day from home.  Taking it easy, we worked through most of our column obligations for The Sunday Mail and The Toronto Star.  They're half complete already so tomorrow shouldn't be too stressful. 

Spent the rest of the evening servicing our new website ( and praising all the lovely people who've indulged themselves with our exciting new scented candles.  The business is already growing already even though we only 'soft' 'launched two weeks past.  We're working with my (Justin's) sister Colette and her husband Alan and the four of us make a perfect equal partnership.  So all hail the aromatic waxy lovelies that are being produced.  Check 'em out!

Gotta leave it here for now.  Jet lag an' all.  You know how it is. Oh, and the remains of the hangovers.  So we fibbed about the Moet abstinence...

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty!

Lovin' your work,

C and J xx


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