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Hollywood calling TWO!

Well, we've been in town for five days and have to say we've fallen in love with LA!  The buzz here is fast and pacy and everyone seems to be on a singular mission to achieve! There's a tangible energy to this exciting place and it grips from the moment  the sun rises over the oftentimes smoggy city.  

We've been lucky enough to have two gorgeous friends called Kaila and Bonnie with us at every turn and they've shown us what's what.  We've toured by The Playboy Mansion, we've seen Michael Jackson's house and we've espied the bolthole of Jessica Alba.  Everywhere you look there's another celebrity home - we also took a peek at Sharon Stone's mansion and a whole host of others.  It's so starry here!  

On the subject of starry types, we went to a wicked rodeo restaurant the other night and ran into Rachel Ward the cute as you like wee singer from X Factor USA.  She was having dinner with her Mum and seemed really friendly; we chatted for ages and we're now even more committed to her winning the show! 

Night before last we popped over to look at The Hustler Store and we ran into our old buddy Ron Jeremy.  We worked with Ron when we hosted a reality series called The Farm for Channel 5 in the UK a few years back.  Also on the cast were Charlene Tilton and Emma Noble and Emma B.  Ron's definitely a love/hate character but it was really fun to catch up nevertheless.  As far as we're concerned, he's actually a really nice guy and's easy to judge him for what he does just becuse he looks a wee bit like Danny Devito. Just sayin'! If he had more of a typical 'adult actor' look he'd probably be less criticised by the world...

Last night we were going to hook up with some other pals but our timings didn't quite match so we changed our plans and went for a WONDERFUL Indian meal in a resto' on Third.  Electricc Karma was probably one of the best Indian meals we have ever had; the food in this city is really good.  The whole of Third was buzzing and it was fascinating to watch all the glamorous folk milling about.  We have never seen so many boob jobs in one place at one time!  Or nose jobs, or lip jobs...

Today we're having another prowl around the city with our girlfriends Kaila and Bonnie and then, after lunch, we'll be heading to LAX to grab a flight back to Toronto.  Damn it - we're going to have double jet lag as we only have one day in Canada before we fly back to Glasgow to catch up with family and friends.  But hey - that's all part of the way we seem to be working and travelling at the moment.  So no grumbles from us!

One thing we're really looking forward to seeing is the slow and gradual transformation of BOTH our Toronto bathrooms. We've designed the larger space in grey Ciot marble and the other in monochrome moc' croc' Caesarstone.  We've been working on these for some time as far as the design and planning are concerned but it's only recently that the've been coming together.   Cheryl T from Home Heist has been project managing the rooms for us and her involvement has made the job so smooth, slick and easy.  When the rooms are finished we'll showcase them first at and in The Toronto Star and our associted Torstar titles where our column syndicates.  Watch this space for details!

In the meantime please excuse us - we have to head off for breakfast and then for our final prowl around LA.  Then we'll be off to LAX to start our slow journey back to Scotland.  We'll update more when we arrive back in Canada.  Loads of love to you guys - we hope you're all well, hale and hearty.

 C and J xx


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